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Commercial Real Estate Updates

South Bay LA Commercial Real Estate: Critical Updates 2024

DnG Commercial Real Estate Agents:
Deborah Naumovski
, South Bay Commercial Real Estate Agent
Gulshen Kaur, South Bay Commercial Real Estate Agent

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Nestled right here in the South Bay of sunny Southern California, we’re your friendly neighborhood professional commercial real estate agents. The South Bay is where we work and play!   Deborah was born and raised in Redondo Beach and Gulshen has called this home since the early 2000s!  We love helping clients sell, buy, lease or invest especially in the South Bay because we know how special this area is.  We’re deeply interconnected with a wonderful mix of people and places. We represent both tenants and owners, all on the hunt for that perfect space or perfect business owner that will bring their vision to life. We actively work with a bunch of property managers and investors, and we make sure their spaces are occupied with the perfect tenants.

The South Bay comprises some fantastic areas for business and commercial real estate. Every neighborhood is unique and has great demos for the perfect business. It’s a real estate investor’s dream. We’ll hit on a few of the high points, from El Segundo (where our offices are) to Gardena, Hawthorne, and Inglewood. Our homes are on the border of Redondo and Torrance, so like a lot of the South Bay, we’re fluent here.

Vacancy rates vary based on classes, and which South Bay city they are located in.  If the location is prime, owners are trying to hold out for rents they have been used to in the past and in some cases, they can still get them!  Even with that said, we are still able to put together some creative deals with financially strong tenants. Depending on the nature of the business, this could include a couple of creative options. Option 1, three to eight months of deferred rent, which could be all up-front or across the lease. Two, a tenant improvement allowance or even. Three, we’ve negotiated a percentage of sales after a break even point is reached. We determine the approach on a case by case basis, but again a lot of this will be defined by the financial strength of the tenant and the other terms and duration of the lease.

When you’re ready to talk seriously about your business or property, we’re all ears. If you’re interested in selling, buying or leasing, we’ll dive in with you. Our clients often say it’s our authentic dedication and our willingness to go that extra mile that makes working with us over and over an easy choice. Here in the South Bay, helping you achieve your commercial real estate goals isn’t just business – it’s what we do!

Torrance Commercial Real Estate
(updated 6/24)

Torrance is huge and one of the largest cities in the South Bay.  It boasts a lot of medical, retail, and industrial. Downtown Torrance is absolutely thriving right now, and the Del Amo redevelopment is spurring a lot of growth. 

Like anywhere in the South Bay, values are higher closer to the water.  Some keys stats trending in Torrance Market include:

Torrance Retail Commercial Real Estate Market:


Torrance Office Commercial Real Estate Market:


Torrance Industrial Commercial Real Estate Market:


One of the challenges we hear about a lot is with empty office space.  COVID has revamped the office market and the fate of it is still unknown.  This issue with commercial office space isn’t unique to Torrance, but it is something we see here acutely. That means if you have an office business and you’re looking for space, we should be able to find you a great deal right now and if you are trying to lease or sell, it will be dependent on size, location and use.  

The City of Torrance can be a little challenging to work with, but definitely not the worst!   Call us and we’ll talk about your use case and figure out where in Torrance is right fit for you. 

The thing that’s great about Torrance is it has some really solid anchors and a lot of major businesses that are heavily invested and thriving here.  It also has its own airport, multiple hospitals and is in close proximity to multiple freeway access points and LAX.

Want to discuss commercial real estate properties in Torrance?

El Segundo Commercial Real Estate
(updated 6/24)

El Segundo is really a gem for Commercial Real Estate Properties. It has that small town vibe that is really accepting of hard working business, and at the same time, across PCH there’s great industrial business going on at LAX. It’s small but mighty – El Segundo commercial real estate has a little of everything.

Our broker offices are in El Segundo, so it’s like a second home to us. We always know what’s going on everywhere, but even more in El Segundo.  The thing that’s great about El Segundo is that the city has a really clear vision of where it is and where it’s going. It’s ready to give tax breaks to the right businesses who will use them well.

El Segundo Retail Commercial Real Estate Market:


El Segundo Office Commercial Real Estate Market:


El Segundo Industrial Commercial Real Estate Market:


There’s been a huge investment in El Segundo from tech companies, which is really welcome. Of course LAX drives a lot of business. It’s a major anchor and it pulls a lot of business in with the traffic nearby. There is a ton of commercial space on Sepulveda right by the Air Force Base (it still has that name even though it’s technically mostly Space Force.) There’s still a ton of aerospace industry in El Segundo, on up into Hawthorne.

El Segundo still also has the Chevron refinery. It’s also a mecca for major sports, with training complexes for the LA Kings, Chargers, and Lakers. 

El Segundo is great because it retains that small town beach vibe but at the same time there’s a ton of industry. And of course accessibility cannot be beaten. It’s got Pacific Coast Highway, the 105, and LAX, as well as a couple of other major arteries all close by. The demographics are just fantastic.

And we know it. Really well. So if you’re thinking of investing in El Segundo, or expanding into there, or you’re ready to sell a property there, talk to us. We know how to negotiate you the best deal.

Want to discuss South Bay LA commercial real estate properties in El Segundo?

Hawthorne Commercial Real Estate
(updated 6/24)

Hawthorne has a ton of great commercial real estate right now. It’s really coming up, with SpaceX a driving force for the area. Hawthorne takes the overflow from Torrance in the South and El Segundo on the West. And there is a lot of overflow. Past Hawthorne is Gardena, which we’ll get to in a minute – that’s another interesting commercial real estate area to watch right now.

But Hawthorne is particularly interesting because it has that “old LA” feel. It’s got some really beautiful, old buildings that make the place a real treat to work in. Not only that, the city seems really friendly to breweries right now, so the microbrew scene makes it really attractive for business as they give the area character. It’s also a fun place to work because there’s a lot of filming going on there. It’s not far from Culver City, it has its own small airport, and a lot of Hawthorne is really photogenic, it’s a lot prettier than some people expect.

SpaceX has really help put it on the map and Hawthorne commercial real estate just has a really good mix, and its pricing is more favorable compared to a lot of places to the West of it.

Hawthorne Office Commercial Real Estate Market:


Want to discuss South Bay LA commercial real estate properties in Hawthorne, CA?

Gardena Commercial Real Estate

(updated 6/24)

After Hawthorne comes Gardena, which is adjacent to LA County Unincorporated and the shipping arteries. Gardena is a fantastic place to be in commercial real estate because it’s at the 110/405 interchange. Accessibility couldn’t be any better. And it’s not far from LAX. Gardena has a lot to offer and the city is very tight, and works with business.

Because of the accessibility, Gardena is a hub for Import/Export businesses, transport, and manufacturing. It also has a major Kaiser footprint, so businesses in the healthcare industry do well in Gardena.

Another thing Gardena has going for it is the city can be great to work with. With anchors like Costco and the 99 Ranch Market, Gardena and businesses in and around it are thriving.

Gardena Retail Commercial Real Estate Market:


Gardena Industrial Commercial Real Estate Market:


Want to discuss South Bay LA commercial real estate properties in Gardena?

Inglewood Commercial Real Estate
(updated 6/24)

Another of our favorite places to work in the South Bay is Inglewood. This city is really cleaning itself up. Inglewood is close to LAX and as a lot of Torrance Courthouse business is being shifted to Inglewood, it’s becoming more of a hub for many kinds of businesses.

A lot of LA natives don’t realize how pretty Manchester is through Inglewood. The city is working hard to encourage growth, so they’re really easy to work with. With So-Fi Stadium now solidly in place and generating business, there’s a ton of development going on in Inglewood.

Inglewood Retail Commercial Real Estate Market:


Inglewood Office Commercial Real Estate Market:


El Segundo Industrial Commercial Real Estate Market:


Let’s talk about South Bay LA commercial real estate properties in Gardena?

So there’s a quick look at just a few of the major opportunities in our So Cal South Bay. South Bay Commercial real estate is really heating up, and there opportunities are abundant. If you’re interested in looking at any of these communities, whether for your business or for investment, please call us. And if you’re looking to sell something you have in the South Bay, we have buyers ready. Again, one of the things that differentiates DnG is that we actually call you back. We’re here to work. For you. We are the key to all your real estate needs.

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