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"Efficient and Profitable: Streamline Your Commercial Real Estate Property Management"

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Commercial property can provide a steady income stream through rental income. It can also appreciate in value over time, providing a profitable investment. And, commercial property can be used to generate business income, through businesses that are located on the property.  Commercial property can also provide tax advantages. In many cases, the interest on a loan used to purchase commercial property is tax deductible. Commercial property can also be depreciated for tax purposes, providing a write-off that can offset other income. Overall, commercial property can be a profitable and advantageous investment. 

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Do property taxes in CA increase every year?

Property taxes in California can increase every year, but the exact amount of the increase can vary. In California, property taxes are primarily governed by Proposition 13, which was passed in 1978. Under Proposition 13, property taxes are generally based on the assessed value of the property at the time of purchase, with an annual increase of no more than 2% or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower.

However, there are certain circumstances that can lead to larger increases in property taxes. For example, when a property is sold, the assessed value is reset to the purchase price, which can result in a significant increase in property taxes for the new owner. Additionally, if there are any improvements made to the property, such as adding square footage or upgrading the property, the assessed value can be adjusted accordingly, leading to a higher tax bill.

It's important to note that property taxes can also be affected by other factors, such as local voter-approved bonds or special assessments for specific purposes like infrastructure improvements. These additional charges can increase property tax bills beyond the regular assessed value increase.

Overall, while Proposition 13 provides some limitations on the annual increase in property taxes, there are circumstances where property taxes in California can increase more significantly. It's advisable to consult with local tax authorities or a real estate professional for specific information regarding property taxes in a particular area of California.



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